Dataudi's Samples is a mobile-only app that makes it simple and plentiful to create the sample data needed to design and test data and develop various web applications or apps.
Convenient UI allows users to create values of various data types in a near-realistic form.
You can also save the configured data structure as a schema and reuse it.
It also provides a convenient starting point based on the schema templates available in advance.
The generated datasets can be exported in a variety of formats, such as Excel, Json, Xml, Csv, and Sql. You can send it to a storage, email, or Google Drive on your mobile device. Specifically, use the data grid used in the app to sort and group data. You can also modify it yourself, delete it, and export it.

In the future, there will be continuous add data types and schema templates. Users can simply create their own schema using a preset template.

The schema you create is stored locally and can be imported and edited whenever the user needs it.

The user can set the number of rows in the schema.

Instantly view data samples generated based on user-defined schemas.

You can download or mail the sample data that you create.